“Revival At Mizpah” is a blog devoted to sound and in-depth teaching of the Word of God. Are you saddened and angered by the arrogance at the pulpit, the selfish, constant, shameless and crafty solicitations for money by many ministers of the Gospel, their insensitivity to the pains and struggles of their flock, the general lukewarm attitude in the Church to God’s Word? If so, you must be a part of God’s Remnant in this perverse generation. The blog is designed to encourage you and help you understand what God requires of us in order for the Church to experience the much-needed revival.

The blog is a service of Lehrer Outreach, a bible-teaching ministry. Our mission is to help the Church to understand what it means to worship God in the Spirit and in truth. We also want to take the love of Christ to every part of the globe by supporting the needy and the poor through various relief efforts. Our vision is to see the Church fully restored and strongly united in Christ.

Please note that Lehrer Outreach does not request for money, but don’t hesitate to send us your prayer requests using our email address or the form on our Contact page.

God bless you!

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